Insert drivercommand via script


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hi, I'm Aniello.. I ask for help on how to insert a command in the driver's command card" go to the trackmark to the driver via the script.. .. if I use driveschedulecommand it goes into error.. how can I pass this command to the driver?? I don't want to use the rules in session.. but via script.. I have a basic knowledge of the programming language. I think I have to use drivercommand but I don't know all the steps. Can anyone help me with this.. thanks everyone..
I am not sure what you are trying to do. Can you insert the driver command while in driver mode? IF not, then something may be wrong with the command you are trying to insert.
thanks for the answer.. what I would like to achieve is this.: having a reference to the destination trackmark... (e.g. binary 1..) I would like to implement a function which, when called, creates the command "guide to trackmark binary 1 " and add it to the driver tab..what I'm asking is how to implement my script.with the functions drivercommand, driverschedulecommand, addschedulecommand, drivercharacter etc etc. sorry I can't make myself understood..
Most driver command scripts have to add the command they create to the driver schedule. You can study mine and most any others. You can do a search in the "scripts" folder to see if any functions similar to addschedulecommand exist to do this. It may be that only the system can strip off or insert a command, don't know.