Industry Question- Two Loading Tracks?


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There are two loading tracks. Red arrows is a B12 Cotton loading track. The other is lighter, setting on the red arrow track, and is a Cottonseed loading track. Are two needed or is one the actual track for loading?

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Depends on how the author set it up. Outgoing products do not need separate tracks although they are most often done that way. I've uploaded several items with 8 output chutes per track (and one with 38). In this case its almost certain the product output depends on where you spot an empty traincar. At the platform for one - under the chute for the other. It also might need different type traincars. Boxcar or flatcar at the platform - covered hopper under the chute.

At peek in the config file should give you an idea how its set up.

This particular scene loads cotton and cotton seed. Logical by products of processing raw cotton - thanks...
Looking at that image, it would appear that the short track ( maybe an interactive unit) is attached to the building and not the main track. The proper way to do this would be to have a short track like the 10M MIN in front of the platform and a short track to the one under the hopper. In a lot of cases though the attached track is not interactive, so everything is handled by the longer industry track.