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Does anyone else find Imageshack is really frustrating to use lately?

When I eventually manage to login, I go to my images, and it just comes to the upload page.

Incidentally, I did allow cookies for the site, as a lot of time that causes login errors, and still I can't get to my images.

If anyone can point out that I'm doing something really stupid, I'm all ears.

It used to work so well, but then they upgraded, and now it is maddening to use. Was it broke? Did it need fixing?

When I first created an Imageshack account, I bookmarked the first page of images. Now every time I use that, I go straight to that page already logged in.
Hello neil, I found using imageshack to be complete pain right from the start, so I went straight onto photobucket, where I am yet to have any problems at all. Do u have a lot of stuff on imageshack, I haven't used it for many months now so cannot remember what procedure I used to get myself out of the same problems you seem to be having, although they have obviously upgraded their system since I last used it. I'm glad I made the change that is for sure.

Cheers. ex-railwayman.