I need help on cab views.


narrow gauge fanatic
I have DLed two beautifull locos but they don't have any cab views at all. Question is, is there a default cab view that I can place in the config file to give these engines a cab view?
If so, how?
By cab view I take it you mean a cab interior. There is no default cab interior. The interior is specified using the "interior" tag in the loco config file. The value provided is the kuid of the interior asset. There are a number of built-in cabs and many 3rd party ones you can try

You can specify any interior you like. Whether it will work out ok or not depends on whether an attachment point is specified in the loco's mesh and it's location in relation to the origin of the interior you're adding. The only way to tell is to try a few. You'll probably also notice the loco as seen from the cab's windows won't match the loco you're driving.

Bob Pearson
I though as much. No, I'm not looking for anything special, I just wanted to 'ride' the front and rear of the locos to check my track work and stuff.
To ride on the front and back of the loco to check the track work I would suggest using the Rio Grande C-27s,which have both views you are asking for, and one has a dog house.
Thanks, I have a number of locos that will do it. I just wanted to 'test' these particular engines, so to speak.
I don't know how to create an interior view but Bob's advice in the above post #3 is what I was looking for. I had to add an 'interior tag' in the config file.