how to use Photobucket


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hey people, i got bored so im making this tutorial on how to use photobucket.

1st) when you go to you will be greeted with this page...

you want to register there, on the register here button :p

2nd) then you will get to this page...

fill in the required fields...
then click Next Step

3rd) then this page will come

fill in those fields, then click Done!

4th) now you get to upload :D
go to login back on the home page
then click on the browse button

go to where your picture is located, and double click will see uploaing where the upload button was

5th)you will see the picture after is uploaded if you scroll down, then if you want to post it in the forums copy the IMG code

then you just paste the IMG code in the forums and sumbit it, then you got your picture :D

hope it helps, Sfrr (for all the links Image shack gives you, this is way easier...)
I use Photobucket more now, only cos you can upload multiple images, upto 20 at a time I think.

I really only use Imageshack when I want to show one pic to someone.