How to set up dynamic loading


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Gentlemen, if you would please:

Americal Intermodal is working just fine when dynamically unloading well cars. Where I am hung up is how to setup the red semi drive to sit still while waiting to unloaded and then depart. Once this is working properly, I will be very happy.

Thank you in advance, Bob (d55baron)
I'm having a similar issue, I can get the trucks to come into the pad but they just go right through without stopping. How do I get them to stop right at the crane to load/unload the trucks? Is there a command or something i need to set the driver with?
Go to the portals and give the JR semi drivers instant load in front of the autopilot command, that will make them come out loaded. Then, give the two JR semi trucks that are already placed near the ends of the loading area just the instant load command, if autopilot is in that command, they will drive off. Then pull your empty well cars in and they will start the loading process after one minute. (have the message window open so you know when it is going to start) After the crane unloads the trucks on the ends, give them the autopilot command and they will drive off, then the next truck in line will pull up. Hope this helps! ;)

I tried that and I think I sat there for about 20 min. and nothing happened other then that love the route thumbs up to JR crew. Guess one day I will figure it out