How to reskin objects


Hi transportfan,

I have never actually tried to reskin a roadsign, but it should be like reskinning a vehicle or a spline. First find the object folder with trainzobjectz if you have 2k4 or CMP if you have 2k6. copy or clone the folder to your custom objects folder, then open the object folder in your custom directory. In the object floder you should see either a .tga or .bmp file, open this file with a photo editing program i.e. Adobe Photoshop or any other editing program that will read .tga or .bmp files and do your changes to the item. Then save your changes under the same name as it was originally. Next step is to open the config file for the object and change the kuid number to your kuid. Close the folder and delete the dispatcher chump file if using trainzobjectz or recommit the item if you are using CMP.