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Hi all,

Hopefully a very simple request. In previous version of Trainz there was a way of restarting a session but with the unified Surveyor and Driver then I can't see how to do this. I want to keep all my consists and driver setup as it is but back to the position they started at as I am seeing some odd behaviour with AI drivers getting stuck and roads that had traffic splines are no longer displaying any vehicle traffic. When I look at Driver Setup in Surveyor, there are only two vehicles, one of which I have added a driver to but when I go into Driver, the driver I added cannot be found and the vehicle in question has no driver listed.

I have unticked the box for automatically add drivers when starting the session.

It's not a major problem as I have added a list of commands to the schedule library and can copy them to each driver as necessary but it is a pain.


While I am on that subject, what is the best command for loading and unloading passengers? I used to use navigate to station and then Load, Unload and then on to the next station.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Are you opening up the correct session?

Trainz will create a default session with the same name when you edit the route. You'll end up with multiple default sessions which is annoying because they'll all have the same name and the only way to tell the difference is to hover over them in the Sessions menu. This explains why you are missing the drivers and traffic because this default session you opened doesn't contain what you expect. It's because of this reason that that I create an actual session with a name such as Gloucester Terminal Daily Operations V. 1.0 --- 10-14-2022. If I end up with a default session, I'll delete that and keep the one I want. To prevent this from occurring, ensure you check the do not save session box when editing the route.

What you need to watch out for with the UDS is editing a session live and ending up with your drivers out of start-order. The driver commands can be reset but their positions can't, so they end up really confused when the commands are reset. Since I got burned a few times, I don't edit live and only use UDS for testing. If you do edit live, you need to ensure that you click on the route layer should you edit the route to ensure that those items are saved but the drivers are not.

If you do make changes to a session, do that using the Session menu in route and sessions menu. This will ensure that everything remains the way it should and for extra security backup your base session just in case you hit the wrong key. If I am driving and need to rescue a driver that's stuck, I'll do that but will not save the session because it's a live operation and I'm not editing.

Regarding the stations and drivers... For the most part, the Navigate to and load commands are the way to setup the passenger trains and most industries. There are some variants on this such as Call at station, but they are basically the same thing.
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Hi John thanks for your reply.

I'm definitely using the right session as I have learned the hard way in the past with confusion over default sessions etc, I now use a letter after the name for each WIP session, eg SessionB.

I have been editing this main as live though so that would explain why the driver positions are confused. I will stick to only using UDS for testing and not editing on the fly as such although this is kind of a test route rather than anything serious.

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Hello all
My question is how to reset a session an start at the begining, Is there one time i could get simple and clear informations as helpdesk does not work anymore.
This TRS22 is a real nightmare for thos who are not computer genius.
Were can i find real tutorial and instructions that say how to use this game?????
May I suggest a read of the following Wiki Page on using the UDS and avoiding common mistakes users, especially inexperienced users, make?

How to Use the UDS

In a nutshell. When using the UDS you can halt a running session at anytime and jump into Surveyor to make edits then resume the running session with your changes made. I find this to be a very powerful tool when testing routes and sessions.

However, there is a trap that is easily made when users first encounter the UDS. They will often save their changes before resuming the driving session. There is nothing wrong with doing that but often, from the posts that sometimes appear in these forums, when they save the edited session they overwrite (replace) the original starting session with their edited version. The session will be saved with all the consists in their new positions (even if the consists are in the route, not the session), the session rules will be saved in their current states which will be different from their states in the starting session, switches will be saved in their current (and not their original) positions, industries and wagon loads will be saved with their current product levels, etc.

So when you later reload this session to start again, most things (if not everything) will be different.

The remedy, as explained in the Wiki page, is to save the edited session under a new name thus preserving the original session.