How to place "Frogs"?


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Hi All,

I read a bit about them (railway frogs) on wiki and they seem like prototypical neat eye candy. I got around to downloading some frogs c/o the download station, but I'm not exactly sure how to place them. Could anyone be so kind as to show me (and others) how to do so via a picture or two? :)

Much obliged!


Gisa ^^
Hello Gisa...............

There are a lot of photos of turnout frogs on Google Images, and an excellant video intitled "How Railroad Turnout Frogs Work" on the Google Video site. Search on "TURNOUT FROGS". I have placed a few, but soon discovered I had far too many switches to place them everywhere for now. As you say, they are a very nice touch. I especially like them on elevated track. Hope this helps a bit.:wave:
Hi Manjoe,

Thanks for the reply. :) I watched that video and now I have a much clearer understanding of what exactly a frog does.

For others who are curious, here is the link:

I will play around with how to place them tonight and I'm assuming they are somewhat self explanatory. If anyone has close up pictures of a turnout/junction with them, I'd love to see some pics here so I'll know how mine should look. :hehe:


Gisa ^^
Hello gisa, dermmy has quite a few of these frog thingys...:hehe: on his current layout BNSF Clovis Sub West, if you want to see exactly how they look on a route.

Cheerz. ex.
Hi Gisa, I hope these screens are correct. If not, would someone please let me know. The kuids of these frogs are kuid2:45324:26001:1 and 26002:1. I think the short piece refers to the direct in which it is placed, short piece to the inside rail. It takes a little adjusting but you are correct when you said they are neat eye candy.

Thanks to ImageShack for hosting
Wherever you place them, they will jump all over the place .... ribbit ribbit LOL Especially when the GWR Toads come close !!!

Sorry couldnt resist !!!
Hey All!

Thanks for the tips and replies! I must have accidently unsubscribed to this thread so I didn't know you guys had replied. :confused:

I might start placing them in low poly areas but as I'm building an urban part, I think I'll just skimp on them as my computer is running slow enough as it is...:eek:

Still, I hope others will learn something out of this. :)

Gisa ^^