How to Delete a Consist

This should be a very simple situation, but I cannot figure it out. When driving a session, how do I delete a consist. I can delete the driver, but the consist remains. I am just trying to delete a few cars that are parked on a siding. This used to be very simple in older versions of Trainz. Thank you for your help.
Do you have the wheel icon while in Driver?

If you do, click on that and you can remove the consist.

There is also a driver command that allows the user to delete the consist at a specific track mark, but I'm not sure that is what you're looking for.
You can't delete a consists while driving a session.

To delete a consists from a session!
1) Click Edit Session
2) Click Trains 'F7' button or press F7
3) Click on the Train Mode 'C' button or press 'C'.
4) Click on the Delete Consists 'D' button or press 'D'
5) Click on the consists you want to delete
6) File | Save As, then create new session. Do not override the original session or route
Have you tried the Delete Train rule in Driver? Add it to the rules in Driver Setup when editing the session. Then with a driver assigned to the train, right click the train and select Delete Train.

Hope that helps.