How to copy and Paste in Surveyor


RR Mod Maker
I am doing some route work and being novice, have not been able to figure out how to copy and paste in Surveyor, i found the command in one of the controls but cant manage to activate it. can a kind person give simple instructions on how to copy and paste an asset already in a route. like a tree or a telephone pole?

also , is it possible to paint a texture area with a hard edge, like a road? thanks for help on this.
Hi Chris,

Painting edges is quite difficult due to how the texture brushes fill the grid. The way I do it is to over paint another texture and backfill in what I want. The alternative, of course, is to use a close-matching spline.

Regarding copying and pasting. This is how I do it:

1) Go to the wrench (spanner tool) and click on all the things you don't want to copy.

2) Draw a box around what you want.

3) Rotate which direction - you only get right angles, sadly.

4) Click on the paste button which is to the right of the marquee too for making the box

5) Then click the square-shape marquee blinking outline where you want to paste.

It's actually easier to do than it is to explain.

To add to what John has said you can chose what is pasted using the four buttons above the copy and paste buttons. Use this option between instructions 2 and 3 above.
OK guys thanks. i will try to sort this out, when i tried before nothing was happening so i guess i was not able yet to select the target to copy ...will try again with your helpful hints.

as for the painting i am hoping to be able to make small dirt areas or small grass areas to break up a larger textured region...and also to make dirt rods of an irregular shape, as they are in nature, i will experiment. Splines are great but they are very regular...

thanks for the help i will work on it.... the key for my landscape work is getting random and irregular areas that can make a landscape look natural. thanks again.