How many engines


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I searched around, but did not look all that hard. Could somone tell me how many UP DD40x engines I would need to pull 4500T up a 1.85 percent grade? And while we got this question out there. Is there a standard on how many horsepower you need per ton per percent grade?
Bleh when you look at the details of the consist it only shows the cargo weight and not the consist weight.
Cargo waights

Hi Ruges,

To get the wieght of a consist right click on the loco. This will show the weight of the entire consist. With steam locos it even adds in the weight of the tender. Right clicking on a vehicle in the consist will show the number of objects loaded or the volume if it is a bulk load.

Uh...4500T?...I'd say maybe 2, 3 at most. They're strong locos!

If you'd like, I could send you my "DD70AX" modification of the DD40AX. It gets a max of about 400 MPH and can pull the 4500T up the hill ALONE. :)