How long has Auran been sending the B'day message???


Warning - Do not drop 747
I was wondering since when have Auran been sending the B'day message:eek:
I've never noticed it before and when I got mine today it was a bit of a nasty shock:p (In a good way)

Thanks for the Congrats Auran.

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it's apart of the forums now so it's something new that we didn't have on the old forums.


From what I gather, all you need is to put into the profile your birthday dates.
I got one my self this June, felt very nice to sort of feel special as Auran them self sent me a message. :)

Linda kick in the paints!...

:D I enjoyed the birthday wishes from Planet Auran, which came the day before my Austrailia, it was my birthday!

Thanks Auran!