How do I move a route to another PC ??


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We have a "dual" setup: My husband drives trains on HIS PC, and I create routes on MY PC. Problem is, now that I've created a route, I can't figure out how to transfer it to HIS computer.

If I copy my entire "local" folder (as I do for backup) I would transfer everything I have (including all the junk that I used for testing along the way), and would also erase whatever sessions he might have saved.

I've scoured thru the manuals several times but haven't found a way yet.

Can anybody tell me how, Pleeeeeze ?
Hi jytte,

Make a CDP file of whatever you want to move to the other PC.

If you are using 2006 you can use CMP, if you are using 2004 you can use content dispatcher.

Hope this helps,
AHA! I'm running 2006, and I just checked in CMP, when I rightclick on my route, I get the option "save to CDP" (that's what I couldn't find before).
Will it then copy all files that is needed (there may be assets in there that I downloaded from DLS, that he doesn't have on his PC)??
Hi jytte,

You can't include items that are not yours in a cdp i'm afraid, so your husband will either have to download missing items or copy them one at a time from your machine.

Oh lordy. By "items that are not mine", you mean items I have downloaded from DLS, right? The train PC (the one he's on) is a stand alone, not on the internet. So what do I do now? I cannot check the route for "missing files" on my PC, since I "have them" already. How on earth do I go about figuring out which files he may need on top of the route.cdp? I don't know much about archiving, haven't had any reason to use it. Is there some way that may help?

Or alternately, is there a way to determine which files on my PC are downloaded, as in "not native" to Trainz, and then copy only those to transfer to his PC? That sounds like the better option.
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Hi jytte,

Well I have to think on my feet now. Probably the best way is for your husband to install the route, then check it for missing depedancys on his machine. Take note of the kuid numbers, either print them out or write them down. Then go back to your machine and find them with CMP.
Make a new folder somewhere call it, say, "Transfer" then copy all the items he is missing to the Transfer folder. When this is done copy all the files in the Transfer folder either to a disk that he can read or if they are networked transfer them over the network.

Thanks Bill.

And I was under the illusion that it would be a snap to just move a route to the other computer :confused:

It's a good thing I don't create new routes on a weekly basis!

Well, you opened my eyes here. In the future I will make certain that all assets are being duplicated to both PCs, then I won't have this problem again ;)

Thanks again for your help.
Hi Jytte - for the assets that are on the DLS, you can let the CMP identify them as being on the DLS and then download them and install them in the usual way.

The simplest way that sometimes works - and I don't know why the sometimes - is to move the route or other asset from the main CMP window over into the download helper window. The CMP looks for and finds the missing assets that were in the DLS, and when the status line says Ready, I click on Start. Everything downloads and installs.

Recently, I downloaded and installed a .cdp file from someplace -- there were a lot of missing dependencies The download helper would not accept the asset. So, I put the asset into the main window. Then I looked at its dependencies and put them in the main window. Most of them were then shown as being on the DLS and I manually moved these into the helper and downloaded them.

Hmmmm - wonder if I forgot to commit that newly installed asset? I have the CMP set up to automatically commit stuff that comes from the DLS, but imported .cdp files have to be committed by me. Maybe that's the reason the download helper would not accept it. So, that's one thing to watch out for when your husband installs the .cdp file on his computer.

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Why not just archive the route, by dragging it over into the archive window. That will pick up all dependencies except the built-ins which will already be on the other computer anyway.
Why not just archive the route, by dragging it over into the archive window. That will pick up all dependencies except the built-ins which will already be on the other computer anyway.

Thanks bnsf50

I was wondering if I couldn't use archive. But now I've archived it and copied it to the other PC, but can't find a way to install it in Trainz. I tried "import contents" but that doesn't work ????
HEUREKA! I found it, have to add the archive via settings.

This turns out to be real simple and fast (once you know how tihi).

It all works now

You're welcome. This is also a good way to save a route in case of a computer malfunction. Just burn the archive to a cd or other media. Beware that the archive isn't 100% fool prove as it doesnt always save every single dependence even though it is not built in but it will save 98% most of the time which saves a lot of work.
Thanks bnsf50, That's good to know.

I still think I need to be real organized in my downloading, and make sure that every asset I have on this PC is also on the other PC, then I won't have a problem, and I'll also have the extra security of knowing it's duplicated in case of any emergencies (on top of the backup I always make of my local folder).

This is what I like so much about this forum (and others); There are always people with more experience on whatever subject, and most are willing to help and give advice. Even on subjects I think I know well, there's always somebody with a different take on it that I can benefit from.

Thanks All.