How Can I Change The Three Number System to Four Number System On My GP15?

I have an undec GP-15 that has 3 digit capacity instead of 4 digits (what we see on the cab sides and number boards). I can't view the GP-15 (that has 4 digit capacity) in my Gimp because it can't appear for some reason.

So as for the 3 digit GP-15, do I have to change something in the Config file? If so, where and what I do? If it's not in the Config File, but outside of it, what's the step by step procedure I need to undertake in order to get this done?


- RR70
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One method is to create a plane in Blender for each number then use a second mesh in the config.txt file. This is not simple stuff but will do what you want it to do.

Cheerio John