How Can I Change Cabs For A Train?

Hello, I have some trains with rather drear cabs and I would like to change to another version of that train's cab. Can I do this, and will everything still work? If so, how do I do it? Thanks!
I have Ts2010 Build 44088.
You need to make a clone of the one you want to have a different cab. Then find the one you would like to try and copy the Interior kuid from it's config file.
Then paste the kuid over the Interior kuid in your clone. Take note of the old kuid and look for it at the bottom of the listing in the config and paste over that too.
Rename your clone and commit.
Shold then have a new working cab.
Keep in mind too that the cab may not line up well with the engine mesh and you might have some weird effects from it.

What you can do is create a "New Folder" in the loco file ... put a "Notepad Text" file in that "New Folder" ... copy paste the original cab kuid in the notepad text file ... change the cab kuid (in 2 places in the config file) to another cab kuid numeral ... If the cab doesn't work well, copy paste the original cab kuid numeral from the "New Folder", back into the config file, overwriting the experimental cab kuids.

Creating a "New Folder", inside an assets folder, is an excellent way to temporarily hide a flie from Trainz (yet it is still there in the assets folder)... so you can easily bring it back, if things don't pan out well.

Or experiment on a Clone of the loco.
Thank you Mike, I will do this and try it to see if it works.

John, both cabs are for an Romanian EA locomotive, so I think it works.

Good idea Cascade, I will do this too.

Thank you all, All the best.