Hornby TrackMat Route


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Just a tiny little project I've been doing for some time, just to get the hang of making a route in Trainz...yes the curves are incredibly tight, they're for model trains not real trains! But yea, that Hornby TrackMat you get in a trainset from them? I got a pic of it and used BaseMapz (thank you CrossOver) to put it in TRS22, then made the route. I'll have to do something regarding covering up the hills, as well as the lack of a floor or ceiling, but let's at least admire the fact that I actually made a decent route. If you've got advice on how to fix that, lemme know, otherwise enjoy!
Looks good.
In answer to your question:

For the Floor I would use <kuid:1776:300001> MRR: HO Wood Flooring 1
It takes 4 splines to cover one base board, lay them at 0 Hight then, once positioned relative to each other and the room edges, use the spline height tool to lower all 8 spline points to -50m.

I don't bother with a Ceiling as it get in the way whilst operating or running the layout.

Most of my Model Railroad layouts also use room and bench work components from euromodeller (EMM).
His furniture and textures are great.