Holdiay Railroad Songs?

What songs do you know for the holidays that happen to have something to do with trains or railroading? If you have the lyrics feel free to post SOME of them (not all so this don't get too cluttered)
Here's one most probably don't know: Trans_Siberian Orchestra's The Snow Came Down. Here's the Lyrics:
A railway station
On a long forgotten line
No destination
But it always leaves on time
He buys his ticket
As the train prepares to leave
Don't want to miss it
On this night Christmas Eve
He stared into the night no expectations
He watched the world go by without a sound
He saw the city lights arrive and fade away
While all that night
All that night
The snow came down ......

The ending gets back to the railroad and train too.
Well, it isn't explicitly about trains, but...

Manheim Steamroller's God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Rock version, not Renaissance version! :hehe: ) always made me think of the California Zephyr behind an A-B-A set of D&RGW PA's crossing the rockies.
Pat Metheny Group, Last Train Home makes me think of days when steam still pulled passenger trains through the snow at track speed +. I hear the song and I see a Southern Ps-4 pullling cars through a snowy Virginia country side.