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hey all I'm back
i have been playing with surveyor for quite a wile but recently i herd of this program called hog that creates scenery forum maps or pictures of some thing like that:confused:
but any way what i was wondering is hog worth down loading or should i do my scenery the old fashioned way.
There are two views on the subject. One is that prfectly good terrain can be made by hand, like I did one route before I learned DEM/HOG. It took a couple of weeks, but when I did the route again using elevation models, the result wasn't enough better to justify redoing the work I had already completed.
The other view is that generating the files with the MicroDEM and HOG utilities took less than an hour, including collecting the files off the internet.
Here's the Wewain tutorial, which includes everything you need to know to download the necessary programs and make your own landscapes.
Make sure you install the HOG textures EXACTLY as described, otherwise the TIGER lines won't show up in surveyor.
Then come back and let us know how you're coming along. We'll be glad to help you get started.

:cool: Claude
see i like the old fashioned way but I'm trying to recreate the uintah railway that ran threw Colorado an utah. doing it buy hand is to much of a challenge. because the terrain is the is one of the many resins that the railroad is famous amongst narrow gaugers
Does anyone know of the terms and conditions of using this freeware hog? Are their any conditions when using it to build a payware route?
AFAIK there are no restrictions on its use. Tolaris (Adam Wojcieszyk) author of HOG sadly isn't active in the Trainz community any more and I've never seen a license agreement included with the software. Absence does not imply consent though.

If you (almost all HOG users do) use MICRODEM (freeware microcomputer mapping program written by Professor Peter Guth of the Oceanography Department, U.S. Naval Academy) to preprocess the dem data you should check it's license to see if any restrictions would apply with payware routes.

Most or all dem data is copyrighted and might have restrictions on certain uses.

Using TransDEM for a payware route requires a special license agreement. You can contact geophil for info on that.

Bob Pearson

IMHO, MICRODEM/HOG is the old fashioned way, TransDEM is the new and better way to do it. I'd rate TransDEM as easier than MICRODEM to learn to use and it does so much more specifically for building routes in Trainz. HOG basically just converts dem data in special form to a gnd file for your route. All the headaches people have with it have to do with getting the right data into the right form for it. I've used MD/HOG for over a decade but TransDEM is the way to go. Provides so much more in a single program. HOG is about 13 yrs old and hasn't been update in over a decade IIRC. 5m grids - it doesn't have a clue. Still writes out a gnd file used by UTC. All version though seem to read it ok but there have been a number of important changes since then.
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TransDem v.5.1 is several generations beyond HOG (I've used both) and way more functional when applied to Trainz. Once I collect DEM data and USGS maps I can lay down a 60 mile US route with map overlays and import it into Trainz in about a half-hour. The terrain is far more accurate than HOG and you can overly map or terrain textures (via Google Earth) directly on the Trainz terrain map. I highly recommend this program; it's well worth the $32 if your into route creation; prototypical or not.
I would point you to this blog, written in 2012 regarding my feelings about TransDEM.
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