Highlands RETB


Trainz Maverick
Is it me or has this vanished from the DLS? Can't find it with CMP or searching direct.

I was looking for RETB "Stop" boards as I have run in to the old problem on the Mallaig section of my West Highland route, of the block sections being too long to see the next signal ahead, consequently the AI cannot switch the point or clear the signal to proceed.

Seems the only way forward is to "unsignal" the line but put Stop Boards up to emulate RETB operation.
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Thanks Mike, I only searched back as far as UTC.

Failing that, I knocked up a sign in 3DC last night which I can texture then export.

Bit of a PITA as I had got the signals working on the original version, but going RETB and "self despatch" will add a bit of spice to running the Mallaig extension!