Highland Valley V2 Missing Track


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I have almost got all the missing dependencies for Scratchy's Highland Valley V2 map. However, There is alot of track that appears to be missing. But i'm sure Ive got all of the track needed for this route. There was one Missing Kuid which I did try to find on Trainzkuidindex. But to no luck.

Does anyone know what the track is? Ive looked on videos and it looks like JR's Lt grey track. But I already have them installed.


That KUID is a "Culvert Insert" by Meridious. I have no idea where to get it if not the DLS.

Why you say its missing, are you getting white dashed lines? Or is it just not appearing? Because if its not appearing, try zooming in on it and panning the camera straight down at it. Sometimes because of the way Trainz uses resources and does Draw Distances and stuff really highly detailed or clutered scenes can cause things to not appear correctly. THey're still there, you just can't see them.

Just did that. Thanks.
But still i have those white dashed lines. I have no idea what kind of track is missing.
Not to hijack an old thread, but I'm also having the same problem. I have all the required assets except for two 53' trailers by Jointed Rail. Would those trailers cause the yard track to not show up. I have bits and pieces of track but the majority is just those damned dashed white lines.
So you have all the assets except those two trailers and the tracks arn't showing up? hmm thats strange.

The tracks are from JointedRail, should be the Lt Grey track (there is some dark too), sorry I didn't see this earlier. Feel free to PM me if you are having any problems getting deps and I'll try help you out :)


On one of the pages on the release thread someone posted a list of all the assets and their KUIDs too.
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Thanks Scratchy. I found the issue. I needed JR's Light Grey Dirty track. It's available on their freeware section.