help with hieght tool


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Hello I am having a problem with my height tool in a route i'm working on.

When I use the height tool above 3000 meters, for example one point of my route is at 3400 meters it will drop down to 3000 meters.

I used transdem to build the elevations and everything imported to trainz with out a problem everything shows up as it should until I start building above 3000 meters.

Any thoughts? Need more information?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance

Hi Jim,

Sadly you met the Trainz max height of 3000 meters, only way is to use TransDEM to lower the route so any point above 3000 meter will be below it. According to the developers of Trainz, there is no issues here, as you can start your map as low as minus 3000 meter so you have a total of 6000 meters to play with...

I met that limit my self, and only way was to shave of 1500 meter by lowering my route with TransDEM - and sadly, it took away most of my feel for that route so I sort of put it aside.

But, all other works after that has this limit in mind - and your lucky, as I remember years back with a much earlier Trainz version named Trainz 2004, in that first release, all heights above 3000 meters was put down to 0 meters making HUGE open pits in my Colorado landscape...
They fixed that but refused to understand the wish for using real life values when working with the terrain.

So, you only have one good option, and that is lower the route in TransDEM.

There is a sort of other work around, very troublesome, not sure if it works in TS12 though, but it worked in earlier versions except the before mention original TRS2004. That is to use the get height tool, find the height needed, and the paste that height on a grid point you need to change...

That is a darn slow, mind killing body aching work around, but it did work. But, best solution, use TransDEM and lower the route and send your thoughts to the Trainz Programmers for their lovely idea of the 3000 meter limit... :)

Hopefully some usefulness in my Trainz most hated "feature" text above. :)

Thanks for the reply.
I had that thought in the back of my mind but thought I would ask.
Oh well back to the drawing board.

Support Linda's comments, I used TransDEM to lower my Cumbres-Toltec sim as the Cumbres Pass exceeded the 3000m limit. Still working on the sim but have no elevation problems.