pancake prince
Well, this account is changing hands again. The "second" Boyerm25 discovered Run8 today and I happily traded him my PC (so he can run it) for his mac and all his copies of Trainz (I hope this isn't illegal! We deleted them all from his computers so the ONLY PLACE they are or will ever be installed is on the one that is now mine).
I was just wondering, are there any "must have" items for Trainz? Boyerm25 V2 gave me a basic tutorial on how to use it, but there's so much on the download station I don't want to waste time downloading it all and he didn't give any recommendations.

What I like in a route:
I don't really know. Any era, but US only please. I like SG more than NG and freight more than passenger. I also don't think this computer can run anything SUPER detailed.

Thanks for any help! :wave:

-Boyerm25 (Is there any way I can get a name change? This one isn't relevant any more since I'm not the same guy!)
Welcome! Helpdesk (on the blue bar along the top of the page) can help with a name change. As for routes, look under the names neilsmith749, philskene, jrfolco, dermmy and I'm sure there are lots of others I'm forgetting right now. Philskene's routes tend to be small, one-baseboard deals but are quite fun, and a good way to get your feet wet, in all but a few cases, use content available from the DLS, so you don't have to go hunting a million websites for all the bits and pieces.
Thanks for the advice! I'm downloading Philskene's "DowntownTractionCoTS12" as I'm typing this - it sounded interesting!