HD - textures layer problem


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I'm slowly getting to grips with Surveyor 2.0

One issue though -- In Surveyor 2 I made an additional Route layer and named it "Textures 1". I added a whole series of PBR textures in this layer. I then crossed out the eye symbol in this layer to see what the route looked like without the textures. But the textures remained visible.

Is this a 'feature" of TRS22 HD or have I done something incorrectly?

I'm doing this so that I can have one route with two different user selected appearances -- desert / tropical -- that can be selected by choosing the appropriate texture layer.

If I add a "Structures 2" layer, add structures in this layer and then cross out the eye symbol the structures added in this layer do disappear. It would seem that textures behave differently from structures?

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Only scenery objects are saved in the layers (exception: effect layers). Textures are part of the routes data, and saved with the ground.

Hi Peter --

Thanks. Not what I wanted to hear. But at least I know that I didn't need to waste even more time trying to figure out the basic features of Surveyor 2.

Were textures ever saved as part of the layers? I always thought that much like the terrain itself textures would always be visible regardless of layers being visible.


Textures were never saved as part of a layer or layers. They are saved, along with the ground heights, as part of the Route data.

Effect layers, despite their name, are also not saved as part of the normal Route or Session layers but in a separate Effect Layers group which is always saved as part of the Route data.