Have you had an issue with an N3V moderator? Respond to my survey.

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Moderator - Read the CoC!
Since my first thread's removal was unwarranted; I've tried to clarify things a little more.

Over the last few months coming to me (for some reason) with complaints about decisions made by moderators on the N3V forums that may or may not be responses to legitimate violations to their Code of Conduct. Along with other actions happening outside the N3V community. I'm collecting a survey of anyone who has heard of or had one of some of these actions taken against them by a N3V moderator.
By answering this survey your specific case with N3V will not necessarily be re-opened and looked at by the authorities.

Do not post your response, or really any comments in this thread as they may incur infraction points from N3V staff or even a ban.

Please Follow this link and submit your response.

N3V Moderators & Staff
I do not wish for people to respond to this thread here and incur infractions for trolling, flaming, etc. However of course I cannot control what other will do. This thread is not intended as a troll, regardless of what other people make of it. If you must do something to quell a perceived flame war, please just lock the thread.
At this point I have not singled out an single moderator, and am only collecting data.
This is not questioning, commenting or criticizing anything a moderator has done in any way.
Again I do not wish for any comments to be posted here that Interfere with, criticize, or even publicly comment on any moderator decisions. This is the reason for having a form on a 3rd party hosting (Google Drive) for people to submit their issues to.

Depending on the outcome of the survey anything I find will be brought up to N3V thru the official channels privately first.

Good Morning All
After discussion this morning, we have done a few things. First, we've locked this thread to prevent it becoming a flamewar, and hence to prevent us having to apply infractions to user's accounts.

Second is that we've removed all replies, as part of the above. We have, however, left PerRock's original post here.

As always, if you disagree with a moderator decision, please contact the helpdesk. This allows us (Brenton and myself) to pass on your message if necessary, or at least allow it to be reviewed if necessary.

Please keep in mind that by using these forums, you DO agree to the code of conduct (and hence, agree to abide by the code of conduct). This includes the moderation information listed in the code of conduct.

Not open for further replies.