Have Trainz Classic and CMP stopped working

You'll have to give more information then that. Locked up? Too many instances running. More details, man!

We can help.

Asks for my serial number. I checked Auran site and it is listed. Incidently the CMP is constantly crashing. Realy takes the fun out. I'm looking forward to some alternate way to download, CMP is too much of a problem.
i had the same problem you have to wait even if its 5 min.well if it goes over 10 min. keep restarting and waitibg.then it should work
Found Trainz Classic CMP won't save my USER ID. Is it supposed to or not? CMP works and crashes as often as I use it. I uninstalled TRS 2006 and TRS2004 hoping conflicts would be avoided. Still crashes.???

Edit: For some reason CMP started working again. GREAT!
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