Has anyone tried playing Trainz on a modern Ultrabook with an eGPU?


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So I got to thinking about what I'm going to do about my next PC. As it is now, I have a gaming desktop at home that I play TRS19 and other games on, and a 2014 MacBook Air that I take with me on the road.

Ideally, some time down the road I would like to replace them both with a higher end laptop, hooked up to an external graphics card (eGPU) when I'm at my desk playing Trainz and other games, and without the eGPU for other uses, and lighter gaming, when I'm away from home or relaxing on my couch, rather than constantly jumping between two computers. I'm thinking of a mid-range 15" MacBook Pro, with the Intel i7, boot camped with Windows 10 and also hooked up to a Thunderbolt 3 external SSD for storing a Windows installation and games. Alternatively, a Windows laptop with similar specs, as long as it has a 4 lane TB3 port. Something sleek, portable, and professional looking. Not one of those giant, heavy, flashy gaming laptops.

But that raises a question: Has anyone here ever attempted to run Trainz, preferably TRS19, on a modern ultrabook on an eGPU? Were there any kind of bottlenecks? What did your temperatures look like? Would you recommend it?

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With the right assets TANE / TS19 will run on intel integrated graphics. Middleton for laptops.

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