Great Preservation News

From Trains:

The boiler and frame for Skookum, a rare 2-4-4-2 logging locomotive are back together again after 54 years. The 2 components were reunited in December at Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad in Garibaldi, Ore., where the locomotive restoration will be completed... Jerry Thompson

Isn't this great!?!?!
This year is expected to be very good for the return of steam locomotives. 611 is planned to be finished this spring, Skookum is getting major work, 4449 should be finished sometime this year, and there are numerous other locomotives being completed and put back into service this year all across America.
Yeah, I heard about 611, that is great as well, I didn't know 4449 was in for repairs, 2 are going in for repairs, (SP&S 700, WM 734) but so many are coming back out. 844 has new flues I think, Saginaw Timber #2 is coming along nicely, UP no. 618 and Duluth and Northeastern 28, 2 engines owned by museums are coming back to steam, Steamtown is outshopping the Baldwin Plant Switcher 26, Sumpter Valley 3 is coming back, but Conway Scenic 7470 is going in. And the RR museum of PA is building a roundhouse soon to house all their PRR locos. They have the PRR's entire preserved collection I think. Go Steam!