Great Freeware Routes and Sessions for Trainz 2019

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In case any newbies or anyone are needing more routes for fun, here are some I found that are actually easy to install through the game's content manager without any errors or unknown files. My build version is whatever came from Steam. I don't have older versions of Trainz installed like TANE. I also bought Leadville from Steam, than downloaded the free sessions from the manager. The rest was freeware but you will need to have some extra DLC maps already installed for UMR2021 and Stcokton Terminal...see notes. I listed everything in order by date they were uploaded.

1. TRS19 - NS Yard Module (BETA) - escd84 3rd February 2019 (North American Freight track)
2. Cattaraugus Creek & Lake Erie 1950s - TRS19 - MSGSapper 29th May 2019 (North American Steam Train track)
3. The Rivercide Railroad Co+ 4 Sessions - philskene (Easiest installation ever) 27th March 2020
4. NS Sandusky District - Stage 2 - escd84 17th June 2020
5.UMR2021 + Sessions - neilsmith749 (Make sure you follow the instructions here on what's needed: ( 1st January 2021
6. Progressive Rail Jesse James Line - TRS19 - MSGSapper 22nd February 2021
Leadville (Payware DLC) + 6 Sessions - hiawathamr (Bought the DLC Route from Steam, all 6 sessions were very easy to download and install, fast too, type LSD to find them in the download station) 20th March 2021
8.Eastern Pacific & Western RR V3 - - trains123456789 27th July 2021
Stockton Terminal + 4 Sessions - maxwerks (Make sure you follow the instructions here on what's needed: 29th November 2021
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