Graphics bug with newly installed content.


I've just installed a few signals, by Nexus and JN114 and the textures aren't appearing properly.

Nexus's Signals were downloaded a few days ago from the DLS as separate CDPs, and JN114's were downloaded and installed through Content Manager, so this makes me assume it's something to do with the game itself rather than a corrupt CDP.

I've recently migrated it from my old dust-clogged laptop to a higher spec PC by copying the files directly between the HDDs, the existing assets are still intact, it's only these new assets that are affected.
The signals also overwrote the theatre and feather components with what I believe are newer versions leaving them in the same state.

Does anyone know what is happening, and the best solution to this? I've tried taking the mesh and textures from working variations of the signals but this makes absolutely no difference.

I know I'll likely be asked, so I'm running TS2009 (Build 38869), on Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit). Intel i3 Processor, NVIDIA GT610 (1GB) GPU and 4GB RAM.


Top two: Newly installed signals.
Bottom two: existing components affected.