Gradient, My biggest pet peeve at the moment.


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I Never, Ever, Ever, Ever, EVER want the software to change this value based on whatever it thinks it should be. NEVER.

That's a problem as it will show you the gradient when you using the "get" tool (Alt-click) for example.

I'm assuming you've laid track with a gradient without realising a gradient value was being applied.

The good news is that it is easy to change gradient by multi-selecting various track segments then using the apply gradient option.
Perhaps the "show gradient" function should be in the info box, instead of the active "apply gradient" value... just a thought...
Then if you want to apply the same gradient, you'd have to add it manually. Pros and cons.

The Alt tool is designed like the Get tool, which really means adding it to the options makes most sense.

Alt-click also adds the height where you click on the terrain so that you can then use Set Height. Useful once you know the system
So, Instead, I have to constantly remove it manually. I really can't think of any reason i would want to lay track with a preset gradient. Limiting a gradient, maybe but not a preset gradient.

Now, selecting 15 track splines and having an option to "average gradient" that would be real power.
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Alt-click also adds the height where you click on the terrain so that you can then use Set Height. Useful once you know the system

I did not know that so I ran a few tests.

For terrain Alt-click certainly works, it transfers the height to the Tool Options Palette Height value.

However, if you click on track the height value it transfers is incorrect. But it does correctly transfer the track grade.

For example: If the track is level and at the terrain height of 10m and the terrain is flat then the height given is 0m. Clicking on the track endpoints makes no difference.

Is this a bug or does this data transfer only work on the terrain?
then why bother with putting this into the software?

I actually use that feature, transfer the height of the compass to the Tool Options Palette, fairly often. The Alt-click provides an alternative.

One of many things about S20 that I like, unlike S10, is that it provides multiple ways of doing the same thing. How could that be a problem?
Well, It's not a problem, really, I use it for that purpose too. but when I need to add an asset, If there is one on the screen, I will Alt-Click it rather than change whats currently in the asset box. But I want the asset, not all of it's properties automatically added to the options tool. seems to me that the current gradient is information, so perhaps it should go into the info box, then I can transfer it to the options box if i need to.

Now if you really want to put an objects properties into the options box, how about its rotation? then I could pop down houses all along a street in seconds...

Alot of this could be resolved by making more user options in the preferences. a simple click box for "Automatically add objects properties to the options palette" would work. then one could shut it off if they like.

another time waste that I encounter frequently is losing the spline when the "Invalid Spline" error pops up. Is there a reason why we cant end up still holding the spline when that happens, rather than having to go back to the other end and start it again?