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Apparently my account with N3V is no longer valid. I am trying THANE 1.1 and told I need a new account. I am not allowed to reuse my N3V credentials either. Now I may have two accounts. How do I know which account controls the First Class ticket?

This is yet another attempt to fix old problems on the backs of the customers. These tiny companies really do not seem to have experienced management. It is very annoying on top of all the other attempts to manage their products.:(

Now it is telling me my email is already a used address. Do I have to setup a new email for these people? Then the forum controllers wonder why people blow their stack at times on here.
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Can't imagine why you'd need a new account, I'm using all my Trainz products on the same account.

What is THANE by the way?
Well, I type in my existing N3V credentials for T:ANE(THANE) under its Settings/Internet tab and it take me to the Registration page. I create a new registration and then it still takes me there. Another case where if it works all is ok and if it doesn't then hours are wasted. When the simple fails it becomes difficult.

THANE is my mistake that is made when I type the name of the New Era product. T:ANE just looks like THANE to me phonetically. I have been attacked in the past for this error.

I will just erase all evidence of T:ANE and redownload.
Not sure if I have this right or not. But when you put in your account details - are you pressing the "create account" button? If so DONT. Just press the return button on the keyboard instead.
When you type in your user name and password do nothing except close the settings box. This will send out a verification question to N3V. Reopen the settings box and check and it will tell you that you have been verified.

If you do anything else it tries to create an account for you.
Got it... ENTER ONLY worked. Saved a re-do of the entire process.
Bad day became a bit better.