Getting started with gradients


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I am trying to start with grading lines and roads,and land. What's the easiest way to do this? When the track is raised it kinda looks like a roller coaster, which you obviously don't want. How do you then built land underneath it (or is it visa-versa)? :confused:
I usually lay my track and then raise (or lower) the terrain to the track to start with. Use your advanced tab when laying track and apply gradual gradient changes. Don't put your spline points too close together. Once you get your track in place, there's a button (can't remember which one off hand) that will bring the terrain at the track location to the track.
It takes a little practice, but you should be able to get the hang of it in short order.
Here's an easy way:

1.Click the "Track" tab.
2.Click "Advanced" at the lower left corner.
3."Raise Spline" should already be selected when you open the "Advanced" tab. If not, click the button with the arrow pointing up.
4.Then, click a spinning circle (spline). It must be track.
5.Click "Level Track". It is 3 red dots next to each other. Click the raised track. The terrain matches up with the track.

The same is with anything else that uses splines.
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the one that brings the ground to the track looks like a red and white striped line.