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I had Firefox set up to dull the bright background of this forum which I find difficult to read text against. However Firefox seems to have lost the settings, can anyone recall how to set it up again?

Thanks John
Have a look at downloading a free prog called f.lux. This will take the glare off the screen for you and make it more "mellow" for your eyes. It will ask you where you are situated and adjust the level according to the time of day in relation to sunrise/sunset for your local. There are also manual settings etc. It can be tweaked to suit your needs.

Hope it helps

I use Firefox apps: "NoSquint" set at: Full Zoom: 200, Text Zoom:100, and "ColorThatSite"

I also modified my Windows7/Personalize: window color, desktop background, colors, etc ... etc ... to be a medium gray:
RBG: 206, 206, 206
Hex: afb0b3
I adjusted my Windows7 Medium Grey colors, with Dark Black type, (not the blue, and gray that is the Forum default type color).

I also adjusted my CM to be Medium Gray with a Bold Black type/font
I can't understand why some people have problems with the colors of this forum.
Everthing works fine to me.

Maybe it's your own screen that is too bright.

To check that go here:

I have a typesetting background amongst other things and I was taught that the rule of thumb is that typesetting should be invisible and not distract from the content. I find the bright background colours used in this forum to distract from the content and I don't wish to re-calibrate my quiet expensive screen for one forum.

Cheerio John
Firefox app: "NoSquint" settings

Full zoom level 150
Text zoom level 110
Background color #aaaaaa (RGB: 170, 170, 170)

Tick: "Full page zoom images and text"

This gives a pleasant medium gray screen, with pure black type font


You can further apply Firefox app: "ColorThatSite" colors on top of Firefox app "NoSquint" settings
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As I get older I seem to enjoy the darker background. Seems easier on the eyes. I wish there was an option to change the colors here.
My colors:



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I've tried just about every color, and prefer to leave Windows colors as they originally were

I've tried every shade of gray, and some are too dark, some are too light

I like: Background color #aaaaaa (RGB: 170, 170, 170)

See post #9