Forgive the 1st grade question


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In 2019 how can I make canned maps with supplied industries actually work as a loading and unloading point for goods. Example, I would like to work the industries on a route but many if not all industries displayed on the router are not "active" I guess is the best word to use. The industry exists on the map, but will not load, say diesel fuel that I can then take to a coal mine to off load so that the mine works to produce coal I can take from the mine to wherever it is needed. How do I easily make those things work like I suspect they should? If this is a complicated problem or if there is already a tutorial avalible, please point me the way or tell me to take a leap lol - Thank you
Once you get the hang of using the MIN then you can advance to industries designed to produce and consume many different products of the same type such as fuels. User MSGsapper has updated many of these industries and he often makes detailed tutorials on how to use them. Here is one but there are many more.

Use the Advance Search to search for keyword tutorial and his username MSGsapper to get a list of his tutorials.