For routes that are reworked and upgraded for any version of trainz.


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I would like to suggest to all of the people that upgrade routes for newer versions of trainz. I often download these routes to see if they are better or nicer than the original.
Only to find that the person doing the upgrade has changed the tracks or roads to another kind that he or she thinks looks better. Now when you download this version and install it you bring it up in surveyor only to find the tracks or roads only show dashed lines. Now you click on them to find out what track or road they are and get no selection. So back onto cmp to see what is the missing kuid.
Check out the missing dependencies to find the missing track or road or telephone lines or whatever and now have to search for the track or road that may not be on the :(DLS.
Now you have to search for the missing kuid all over creation.
My suggestion is this.
Why not use a track or road or telephone line, that is in every edition of trainz.
Now when someone downloads the upgraded version he or she can just change the tracks or whatever to the tracks that they like best. Now everyone is happy and it takes so much less time.

Thanks for hearing me out.
And thanks to everyone that spends so much of their time doing all this upgrading of routes.