Folders From TRS-04 & 06


There are a lot of folders from TRS04 and 06 that I have in another special folder for storage just in case.
"Just in Case" has just arrived. I am running TRS12 and through the content controller I cannot add them
as dependencies like the CDP files that are downloaded. I've looked in the Program Files for TRS12
and tried to find a logical place to Copy & Paste them to no avail. Now I cannot find them in the "Installed"
list through the content controller.

What can I do??
The Colonel :cool:
I think that's what your asking.
Open the CM
click "file tab"
click "Import Content"
find your "backup" content folder.
Import content/ commit

If you cant find them in CM click open for edit highlight "commit"
If you search with 'Location=Local', 'Builtin=False', and 'Date modified=' when you imported them, any not 'Committed' will all show when you click on open for edit.
Then choose 'Select all' in the 'View' menu and choose 'Commit' and leave it to it. Can take a while.