Fixing Cab Height.

So I've attempted to transfer an interior over to the C&O 614 and I have encountered some problems. Notably the cabin is much to low. How can I fix the cabin's height?

On a completely different note how do I register my copy of T:ANE on the forums?
Raise the Cab attachment point to suit. This applies if it is your created locomotive mesh only.

Edit: rereading I can see you want a particular cab on another locomotive. With PEV's attachment maker I believe you can delete or even raise the old attachment point, if not, you have to delete it or possibly rename it to anything and make a new one to the height required, name it the same as the old attachment point was named for the old cab and reference the new cab Kuid in the config.txt.

Register TANE with the serial number you received in "My Trainz" in the Forum header above under "Serial number".

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Thank you so much for the help with the cab!

However I am having a problem with registering T:ANE. I bought it on steam and cannot seem to find the serial number to enter.

Edit: Welp it just showed up here on it's own.

Edit2: Completely different but I was importing some other content into T:ANE and there were some unknown assets. I found download locations pretty easily with the Kuid finder but after importing several of the downloads it still hasn't solved the final unknown asset.
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