First Class Ticket Problems

Hello, all. Chris here.

I recently (around Dec. 31st) ordered a 1-year First Class Ticket from SimCentral, but it is not showing up in MyTrainz. I know this because i have the order number (#100060621) which says i bought it. However, it does not appear, but the discount i used is still there on my account, even though the order says i used it. What's going on? Mine expired today and i'd like to get back to downloading.

Best Regards,
You will need to go to MyTrainz, that's what Planet Auran is now, and go to Download Tickets in order to "Activate" your FCT.
Yeah, i said that it does not appear on the page.

Make sure that your PayPal or credit card account was processed correctly. There were issues before with PayPal not processing orders. Check your junk mail from PayPal if you use that, as well as contact the helpdesk.