File Viwer Win-11 Problem


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While not directly Trainz related (yet) I am afraid that may change.

I have a program that ends in dotEXE (.EXE). When I try to run it File Viewer displays
the program instructions instead. The program has run in Windows, on this system, ok
recently. If File Viewer "grabs" Trainz I have a serious problem - boredom...

I run Trainz by clicking on the .EXE file. Is there a safer way? If there is a way to "turn off"
File Viewer that is also ok.
Right click the file and look at the association. If file viewer is associated with it you should be able to delete the association.

Cheerio John
John, Thanks. I tried everything except the right-click, There I had a selection of the file viewer or the Application.
Again Thanks,