Fictional Railroad Screenshots


A St. Barbara Railways C30-7 drills the St. Barbara yard, picture taken from the roof of St. Barbara Fruit Co. Warehouse.

A-Trax is soon to be a limestone railroad from Naples to Ft. Lauderdale, with an interchange to CSX and FEC. It'll follow along the alligator alley and then go in the middle of Marina Blvd or whatever in Ft. laud. Pretty much a straight shot 114 mile long route. Not sure if I actually want to commit to it. My route building skills - well, I wouldn't even call it skills....................................I'm bad at it.....very bad......
Scenes from the Barefoot & Southern Railroad, that is under construction.




I'm trying to replicate the sights of narrow gauge mountain railroading in North Carolina. Thus the two last screenshots, if you're wondering what the hell is going on there lol.

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The CexTex Railroad came about in 1979 as a subsidiary of the Missouri Pacific. In 1982, along with the rest of the MP, the CenTex (CTXR) went to the Union Pacific. In 1990, the CTXR was reorganized into its own company. In Stockman, TX, the CTXR interchanged with the Santa Fe.

In the first picture, somewhere around 1983, a CTXR train (still using MP power) is seen interchanging with a Santa Fe train in Stockman.

32 years later, the procedure is still the same, however the locomotives have changed. Gone is the Missouri Pacific and Santa Fe power, and in its place, CenTex owned SD40-2's and BNSF ES44DC's.

This is The Angel train #32 from Chicago to New York via Cincinnati. The Angel is the L&A's exotic steam turbine.


This is The Angel passing the grain silos next to one of the cities largest pork slaughterhouses.


The Angel is heading under Zinzinnati Zeppelin Workz.


Train #32 emerging from the Zinzinnati Zeppelin Workz with one of their zeppelins coming out of its hanger.


Last train #32 heading for it's stop at Cincinnati Union Terminal.