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I don't recall seeing a thread before for it, so I'll start one now. Post your pics of your fictional railroad here. I of course have my California Southern, I know lego207 has Silver Lines, and more. Feel free to post your pics of equipment from someone else's fictional railroad. I will be posting my California Southern reskins here as I make them, so you can post those too.

I'll start with a Silver Lines train with a California Southern SD40-2 on the head end.

Also, a CS SD40-2 that I weathered, made into the "Spirit of Salinas," since CS has a shop in Salinas, and added some striping to the nose. Hope you enjoy!

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So, we get a new thread for Fictional, then someone comes in a says there are others already... and if those get a bump, someone will surely complain about it, also. I commend the idea of a new one, to get the ball rolling again. Anyone complaining about it, you can just go do something more constructive and helpful. Sure would be nice if new threads on old topics didn't get so much hassle.

I agree with pdkoester. Can we get back to screenshots maybe?

A trio of RVNR SD40-2s roll a unit train west:

For those curious, this is an SD40-2 in Silver Lines imported into Trainz: A New Failure. T:ANE really looks awesome, but it's just a damn shame that it won't load right. I'll eventually try again. It should come with a disclaimer that it may not run on your system.... Anyways...

I too agree with PDkoster on the matter. It seem people are doing too much back seat moderating in a rather rude way, so let's keep it back on topic, such a shame I did not transfer my White Pine River Railroad over to TANE or I could had contributed to this thread.
mmm Silver Lines
I tried importing a few of my SLRR locos into the full failure of TANE and jesus christ the errors problems... -0/10 wouldn't recommend tane to a friend

nice to see Silver Lines on another persons' post, nice job judah

here's some random SLRR crap I've been doing



this little snow thing may soon see the light of release... same with some of these units

Nice job! Really like the F units. Once they're in a state of completion, you should ask if you can release them.
Two SD40-2s, an SD60, and an SD70ACe lead a coal train in the morning through Ohio. As some of you may already know, the CS goes far beyond California...


A loaded train returning that night pulled by an SD70ACe, an SD40-2, and a very special ES44AC, #400, which was the first AC traction unit CS bought new in 2009 (they inherited a bunch of GEVOs and AC44s from mergers).


Close up of #400 - special lightning decal only applied on it. Obviously based on both NS #4000 and the CSX AC units.


I'm going to talk to Justin about maybe possibly releasing some of this stuff....

Roy Hill America- Kind of a "what if" Roy Hill from Australia made another line, but (obviously) in america. I might have pictures of them later on.
Barefoot & Southern #1 "Old Mike"

The locomotive will hopefully be in trainz soon, maybe by February if we're lucky. It'll be for 2010 only, because trainz 2012-tane't aren't a product worth my money nor my time, as they continue to be buggy.

I for one am not a fan of starting another duplicate thread, nor am I a fan of talking crap to people who bring back old threads, to post screenies, since that's why the threads were made to begin with. Now if they're being annoying and a gimmy pig, I could see why being stern is necessary.

Rock On!
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I never realized how much crap I've made for Iron Mountain until I tried to put it all in screenshots!

Rolling stock that I've finished- I've got plenty more unfinished things:

An OCS and cabeese:

MOW equipment:

And of course, locomotives of all flavors, Alco, GE, and EMD: