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Dear Sir
I do not wish to be ungrateful but is it worth me carrying on buying FCT for 6 & 12 Months when all we get is the stuff on the download Station Like one board with two bits of track routes that are not there or Just maps is this prominently A USA & Russian Site as I live in uk would like to see more uk Rails Thank you for your time in this matter.
Only you can decide that ... If you want to download thousands of assets from the White / Black pages, at fast speeds, all in one days time ... or would you rather take a month to download them all, at crawling slow speeds, with a 100Mb daily cap.

A one year FCT costs only @ 0.06 cents per day ... and periodically they go on sale at the N3V SimCentral store
Hi Alan,

This is a decision of course that you have to make, however, I have recently seen a lot of UK locomotives and wagons uploaded. I agree there is a majority of US content, but remember there's a bigger share of US users, and there's been a lot of Russian content, which I too don't find useful except for a few assets here and there like some of the factories and apartment buildings. I too skip over many of the routes, which sadly might be pretty good but we can't tell with the lousy thumbnail, which I believe is generated on the first save, and the lack of a decent description to tell us what the rout is about.

Keep in mind too that there have been quite of few updates to content done which you would have difficulties downloading without the ticket. In the end, a 12 month ticket is a better deal since you get more bang out of it than with a 6-month ticket.

All and all it's your decision since you are spending your money. It's easy for us to spend your money for you. :)

Thank you John after that explicit insight I shall keep on with the FCT thank you sir for your time I am a big fan of trainz but sadly only British routes I have had a couple of EU one's which were very good and a lot of hard work went into them, there is only one British route I found rather big which was GCR railway brought a new computer with lots of memory but still find that route very heavy to use with 8 Gig and quad core pros, thanks again for your help Alan