Faulty payware assets


I recently purchased the Platinum version and there was a problem with some assets. While earlier in the standard version there was no problem with them, now they are wrong. Specifically, it's about payware assets that have simple errors but I can't fix them, and a few others that are also blocked for editing.
VE65: The *.texture.txt file is missing for texture resource 'garge_1.texture'.
So far this applies to:
<kuid2:151900:500307:2> wald02
<kuid2:370528:1179:1> n_womanU_walk_1
<kuid:239173:1051> garage
<kuid:219472:1767> parking lot gray
<kuid2:328583:2095:2> JVC@-Grass229s dry grass 20m
<kuid2:370528:1277:1> n_womanSpWalk_5
<kuid:52597:21565> metsapohya5
<kuid2:60238:26:1> Truck
<kuid2:9:35002:1> en ballast1b
<kuid2:9:35004:1> en ballast2b
<kuid:370528:1180> n womanU walk 2
<kuid2:370528:1279:1> n_womanSpWalk_6
<kuid2:370528:1181:1> n_womanU_walk_3
Is there any way to repair or replace them with newer ones?
You might be able to right-click them and select "revert to original.

Nothing happens. The worst thing is that I don't have paid routes and these payware assets are used in included routes with the purchase of Trainz. How to get assets without these errors?
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