Faulty content after update.


Trainzing since 12-2003
This asset here was updated the other day with some content I downloaded:

<kuid2:45324:25503:2> JR EOT Device Mesh Library

The asset broke the following locomotives and train cars shown below with all with the following error:

- VE33: Alias mesh 'atx/eot_f.lm.txt' not found in dependency <kuid2:45324:25503:2>.
- VE33: Alias mesh 'atx/eot_r.lm.txt' not found in dependency <kuid2:45324:25503:2>.

<kuid:124863:100412> JRPX Inspection Train
<kuid:175455:101661> JRPX Inspection Car
<kuid:175455:101662> JRPX Research Car
<kuid:175455:101663> JRPX Tool Car
<kuid:175455:101724> JRPX Inspection Caboose
<kuid:175455:101745> Hiwassee Terminal Caboose
<kuid2:348207:100730:1> South Bay BW9 #30
<kuid2:348207:100731:1> South Bay BW9 #32
<kuid2:348207:100734:1> South Bay SD40-2 Ph2
<kuid2:348207:100737:1> South Bay SD38
<kuid2:348207:100738:1> South Bay GP38-3
<kuid2:348207:100740:1> South Bay GP40-2
<kuid2:348207:100741:1> South Bay Ex-BCR SD40-2
<kuid2:348207:101120:1> South Bay GP38-2 Ex-UP 1
<kuid2:348207:101550:1> South Bay GP38-2 Ex-UP 2


Download the EOT library again from the TFX area of the dependencies section. Seems that you have the old one or something failed in the one you have installed.