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Can anyone please advise me if there is such a layout (or indeed a session) that is available for download that demonstrates the rules used to create timetables (e.g. from portals or stations).

I am interested in learning more about rules and how they work, I am not in a position to start learning scripts to create scenarios, I think that sessions built using surveyor work quite well.

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Read your nessage, and thought I might help a little if I can.

I have spent 3 and a bit years experimenting with various methods of running trainz. My object was to run A1 (automatic trains) and to drive others in and amongst the A1's.

The experiments are still going on, but I have British and Canadian railway interests so I started by building a layout of each type. Some of the results were frustrating, but it became obvious that there were others out there in Trainz who had had similar problems and were able to design Rules and signalling methods which made the running more realistic.

First you need to have patience and plenty of time should be spent (as the manuals say) trying things out. I have not been able to put any of my experimental layouts up on the DLS etc. so I can only explain in words what needs to be done.

My first experiment or Test layout used 1 baseboard, with an oval of track. I placed a power station on one side and a Mine on the other, and connected them all up so that up to 4 coal trains could be made to supply the power station. I placed crossings and signals as well as soon as I got one train to successfully deliver and load coal....that was an achievement to start with.

Ths led to the 4 trains being used but with the addition of the signals to control them.

I would say that this started me thinking and investigating further.

I then made a new BR layout on 2 baseboards with:-
-double track oval
-double track main through the centre with junctions with the outer oval.

This was to be the source of trains (like a hidden siding) but connected at each end for continuous running.
-1 through station on the outer oval, with 4 platforms and a through road
-1 main station with a branch bay with connections to the single line branch.

This layout was then signalled using the Auran signals. Getting 2 trains to run was ok on the outer oval but it took time as a novice, getting the track right and understanding the A1 train control using trackmarks. This was the basics, but it led to the use of triggers, and the interaction of the trains. Fascinating it was!

So, try the simple things to start with. I hope that you have railway interests because there are so many aspects of that interest that will come to light when designing a layout in Trainz.

If I can answer any more questions, I will try. It is a shame that the Forum has been knocked back, because it has been a good source of general information.

Regards and Enjoy!