European Diesel locos


Does anyone know where to obtain the diesel locos shown in post #7232 on page 483 of the European Screenshots thread, as reproduced by baloo123 in a request to Iceman 2117 for details. I could not find a reply from Iceman and have tried to PM him myself but he doesn't accept PMs so ask if anyone recognises them, and if they would be kind enough to tell me where I may also obtain them? Thanks Nimec.
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RE: German Heavy Duty Switcher - Gravita 15L BB

Searching Google for German Switcher Locomotives, I found a pic of that switcher series, here

The loco Gravita 15L BB is made by Voith for The German Federal Railway Authority pics here

More details about the loco here on

Voith homepage with more info >

Searching for the loco with a Trainz modifier points to, but I haven't been able to find the loco yet, my internet is messed up atm.


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Hi Rico. Looks very impressive but also looks like no one has created it yet unless it is on a German or European payware site that we haven't found yet. I tried the site found by Shanks but cant get a download, but anyway its not the Gravita 15L BB. Cheers

Edit: Ive just had a look on Trainsdepot and could not finds it among their offerings
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Thanks Jagg. Well done. I see they still have a bit of work to do on it before it is completed and released but I will be looking forward to obtaining it when it is completed. Cheers
That 10BB is not the same project as what iceman2117 posted. Different creator, this guy
Looks promising though, and his wip thread is on here as well.

The pics Iceman2117 posted on the EU screens thread, I believe are actually the 20BB. Compare the cowl access panel groupings here.

Maybe iceman2117 will check back here after the holidays and see your email message and we can figure out where he got those, and if he made them etc etc.
I did find his most active forum at but after registering, I could not send him a PM.

Not going to disappoint You, but Iceman is creator of those shown on his screens and as mentioned previously, all unavailable & private.
Just had a look again at that post of baloo's in European screenshots and I reckon there are both 20BB and 15BB in the pictures The one is the foreground in the lower two pics is longer that some of the others [not just because it is in the foreground] but to my 'expert' eye looks physically longer as do a couple of others so perhaps Iceman has actually done them both. I was going to try to reproduce the screenshots in this thread to show you but don't know how to do it. Cheers
Hey again:

I found another thread on our forums here, where someone was attempting to contact Iceman2117.
He did respond and helped out that Trainzer, but over on Uktrainsim, in another similar post, it was stated that Iceman2117 was concentrating on Railworks projects and would possibly be returning to creation in T:ANE. So, we'll be waiting for these killer shunters for quite a while me thinks.

I thought about modelling (just the meshes and textures) of one of them, oh hell, ANY of that series, but the logistics of getting engine, brake and horn/whistle sounds scared me away.

I read somewhere that the Maxima 40cc is the most powerful single-engined diesel-hydraulic locomotive, pretty impressive. I tried finding pics of the 20 BB but, there aren't any, since no versions of it have been built yet. Poop.


Hi Rico I managed to get one of the screenshots from Screenshots of European Trains copied over to this thread and it looks like there is a Gravita 10 BB on the track in the background and 15's & 20's in the yard. Have you been to the website that Jagg mentioned?
The picture on the site says Gravita 10 BB below it but physically it looks more like one of the larger ones so lets hope they will be making more that the 10BB. Jagg seems to know iceman and it was him that found this website for us so maybe he will keep us informed in time about progress if iceman doesn't surface. Cheers
Unfotunately I'm not in touch with Iceman, I just watch his creations and read his comments on forums for longer time.