Error after reload of TRS19 - 106618


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Evening Everyone

Spent the Easter weekend reloading TRS19 after the Q1 Trainz Plus Update failed first time round... No sign of error however just wouldnt stop updating database, even after muiltiple completions every load...

Clean installed TRS19 105100 then did the update clean to 106618 - all good.

Followed instructions for copy my Local and Packages folder back to new installation as described on trainz portal... Local content updated and install on rebuild but all of the Vault Content failed to work... no find., no nothing throwing up errors about being unable to load the precache.

None the less have also found that some content that was installed from DLS in 105100 has not transferred over to 106618.

Wondered if something was wrong with the new install... clean installed 105100 again and did the clean update to 106618 - Copied the directories over the local director again and rebuilt database... again, not all of my previously installed content from 105100 came across however after some time downloading from the DLS... 99% have come back into my content... (would not come over from the copy and rebuild and had to download them again.)

This taken care of I turned to the packages directory to have the same issue.... none of the packages from the vault / content store on a database rebuild after copy would recognise...

This copy over then caused the 106618 to fail again.... just continued to want to do a database repair over and over even when it had previously completed and finished. This is exactly how i did the transition from previous versions of TRS19 to 105510 as per the instructions given on portal Even killed the cache to make sure nothing residual was hanging around

You guessed it... third go round... back to 105100 - with clean install.... this time started on the vault / trainz content store first. Now every route that is downloaded is throwing an error

Failed to download precached data from package "Insert Package number" for version 104441 - Platform - Standard 2

This has occured so far on S&C - Andrushivka - Vinnits UZ, Shortline Railroad and Rostovksy - Uzel...

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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