Error after editing a session


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I encountered this error after I edited a session. It was all working well, but today I added a few more locomotives and now I get this message when I try to change the mode in the quickdrive. How do I fix it? Thanks in advance

Thread Exception: ER_NullReference, line 382, file

Stack dump:

function $void@QuickDrive::LoadRouteConsists(), line -1
function $void@QuickDrive::SetProperties(Soup), line 211
Hi Selby_deleon
Could you please tell me what build number your installation of Trainz has? The build number will be shown on the bottom left corner of the initial launch screen.

Could you also please tell me if you see this in only this one session, or do you see this iin other sessions as well?


Build number is 61388 and I figured it out. I went back and started deleting some locomotives I had added and the error disappeared. I was using a 134mile Route with a bunch of locomotives and consists in just about every city so I can switch around as desired.

What causes this in case I run into it in the future?