Enginesounds, Bellsounds, Engine Specs, Smoke Effects


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Have you ever run across a loco that you found quite by accident, and said to yourself: WoW ... That enginesound, bell, or hornsound, sounds absolutely haunting ... then you forget to write the loco and kuid down on a piece of paper ... and you never can quite locate it again ?

Well here is the thread to write down all your favorite kuids, of the sound, and visual effects, of all your favorite locos.

I love customizing locos ... and especially love making them smoke like Felix_g alcos
What tags do you change in the config file to get them smoking like he does ?

Even a Paintshed loco looks and sounds better if you swap in new trucks, other sound effects, and smoke effect tags

I will edit this post later on, and write down some of my favorite locos, and their sound and visual dependencies kuids
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